• For more than 30 years, we've been creating for you

    Cross stitch gobelins, with love

    We are a staff of 22 artists trying their best to create gobelins that bring you joy, impress you with the ease they can be sewed and their beauty once they are finished

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Gobelins catalogue CH1

24 pages with 20-60 images/page

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About us

HUDEMA'S S.R.L. „goblen art” was founded in 1993,
but with an experience in manufacturing gobelins since 1985.

We are a staff of 22 artists trying their best to create gobelins that bring you joy,impress you with the ease they can be sewed and their beauty once they are finished.

  • over 25 years of experience
  • 10.000 customers very satisfied
  • 900 gobelins models produced

Other services and gobelin orders

All items can be ordered in special sizes, adapted to a type of canvas of your wish.

We do not reproduce other companies models only if they represent a famous artist's painting.


Canvas types for printed gobelins

Pânză tip A

Type A

22 ct (9 stitches / cm)

sewing in 2 or 3 wires from the 6 thread

Pânză tip B

Type B

11 ct (4.4 stitches / cm)

double thread canvas

sewing in 6 wires (unseparated thread)

Pânză tip C

Type C

15 ct (6 stitches / cm)

sewing in 6 wires (unseparated thread)

Pânză tip D

Type D

18 counts (7 stitches / cm)

sewing in 4 wires

Pânză tip E

Type E 

13 ct  (5.2 stitches / cm)

double thread canvas

sewing in 4 or 6 wires (unseparated thread)

The gobelins on this website can be ordered printed or with chart(pattern).

All types of canvas used by HudemaS gobelin art are made by ZWEIGART - Germany

Gobelins can be made on these canvas types

Type A: 22 counts (9stitches/cm)
Type B: 11 counts (4,4stitches/cm)-double thread canvas
TypeC:15counts (6stitches/cm)
Type D: 18 counts (7stitches/cm)
Type E: 13 counts (5,2stitches/cm)-double thread canvas

The pattern kit gobelin comes with black and white or color printed A3 pattern sheets, special checkered canvas type AZ with 25 counts(10stitches/cm), threads and instructions.

Canvas types for pattern gobelin marked 10x10

Pânză tip AZ

Type AZ

25 counts(10stitches/cm)


Pânză tip A1

Type A1

25 counts(10stitches/cm)


Pânză tip A2

Type A2

25 counts(10stitches/cm)


Pânză tip A3

Type A3

25 counts(10stitches/cm)


Classic stitch sewing instructions

for type A canvas (printed gobelins) 
and checkered type AZ canvas with 25 counts(10stitches/cm) pattern gobelins

Instrucțiuni pentru coasere în punct clasic

To ease your work and get a quality sewed gobelin we recommend that you use a special designed frame/loom to stretch your canvas.Make sure you choose the frame/loom according to the size of the gobelin - check HUDEMA'S loom offer at the back of our catalogue or on the website: 
10 sizes of fixed looms
8 sizes of adjustable looms
5 sizes of adjustable looms with stand

For sewing on type A canvas and marked 10x10 type AZ, you must divide the cotton thread and use only two wires.

The amount of cotton...it's more than enough! It should last until you finish your gobelin and still have a 30% reserve/save.

To keep a clean looking gobelin, it is recommended that you start sewing using the darker colors, and finish up with the lighter ones, leaving the white cotton thread to be sewed last, if available.

In order to achieve a beautiful, unique and high quality gobelin, please use the classic stitch sewing way ( french stitch ) , for it is a simple, nice and easy way of getting your work done. It is executed on the horizontal thread of the canvas, from left to right, and then from right to left when you get at the end of the row, keeping the same line of stitches.



Sewing instructions for canvas type B and C

13counts (5stitches/cm)
sewing with the unseparated thread

Instrucțiuni pentru coasere pe pânză de tip B și C